Xendpay Review

Table of Contents

1.    What does brand Xendpay mean?
2.    What are its customer ratings?
3.    How are other customers reacting to their services?
4.    Can I trust Xendpay?
5.    How do I send money with Xendpay?
6.    What are the different types of fees charged?
7.    Why is Xendpay better than banks?
8.    Where do I find alternatives to Xendpay?
9.    When is it advisable to use Xendpay?  
10.  What is Xendpay's origin story?


1. What does brand Xendpay mean?

Xendpay positions itself as free, fair and fast money transfer service. Their objective has been stated as to reduce the cost of international money transfer whilst still maintaining the best possible customer service. With their unique ‘Pay What You Want’ model, they intend to drive transparency by giving the control of fees to the customer. Xendpay is also creating a community to drive change with every transfer. Good for the community and good for the pocket define their brand. And Xendpay is a part of Rational Group which includes RationalFX - an FCA- authorised payments institution.


2. What are its customer ratings?

Out of the customers, who have rated Xendpay, 83% of them have given a rating as great or excellent in their service. Xendpay works via intermediary banks and at times, they deduct a fee. Xendpay guarantees to offer a full refund of the deduction to the sender upon supply of proof. If the deduction happens at the receivers bank, Xendpay does not make a refund because that fee is levied to the recipient and not Xendpay’s customer.  


3. How are other customers reacting to their services?

Using the natural language processing capability of R more than three thousand reviews written in Trustpilot website was analysed for customers’ emotions.

Customers were largely positive about Xendpay and have written to recommend their services and displayed happiness. The analysis also showed that customers willingly trust Xendpay with their money and found them to be reliable. They also found the website to be helpful and were satisfied.

Few of the customers experienced delays in delivery of the amount and expressed frustration with the service. But Xendpay is active in responding to customer feedback and whenever customer expressed frustration they have provided a resolve. You may read them in Trust pilot portal. In summary, when you send your money through Xendpay, you are most likely to experience Trust and Joy.  

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Emotional analysis of Trust Pilot reviews recieved in the last three months

When we process the reviews given by customers in the past three months using natural language processing algorithm, we can clearly observe that the customers found them to be excellent service provider and were willing to recommend their services. The reviewers found Xendpay to be efficient, reliable and were happy with their services.   

Some of the reviews in Trust Pilot are
"Cost effective & convenient money transfer. Been using for nearly a year & very pleased compared to the old personal bank transfer. This has been
1. affordable & very cost effective.
2. quick, as my bank could take upto 1 week if all went smoothly.
3. convenient for small amounts, getting a good exchange rate .
No issues yet, always get notifications by email of expecteddalys i.e due to public holidays in India, maintenance etc....
An afterthought is that Xendpay send about 6 email confirmations for each transfer from start to end. This could be reduced to 2 or 3, an acknowledgement & on completion.
” – Abdulkhaliq on October 10, 2017

Xendpay is Simpler than others
Compared to other remitting websites, it is very simple @Xendpay
” - Sihan on Monday, October 16, 2017

Hi Xendpay Team,
I from India and my brother in Germany are so happy about this service.
Glad we came across Xendpay. Earlier we were so skeptical to try as this was our first time. At the same time, I was less interested to go through the tedious bank process.
While I was filling up for the transaction, I and my brother actually went through 1000's of questions.
Is this reliable?
Could you please check if your friends have tried this before?
What if you don't get money?
What if they deduct more money?
But with fingers crossed, we tried our first wire transfer after all the research and FAQ's read and we are glad we came across this easy breezy solution to transfer the amount from India to any country.

> Easy (Takes 5 mins to do the transaction, once you have made the account)
> Faster (It got transferred in less than 2 days)
> Safe & Reliable (You will be notified through emails at every stage and also you will be known what amount will exactly get deducted)
> The best thing in the world that you don't have to go to bank.
> You decide what commission you want to pay
> Minimal transaction fee.
> No hidden charges

Thanks once again!” - Morris Fulman on Friday, October 27, 2017

Debit card charge is too high” – Ajesh
Reply from Xendpay
Published Tuesday, December 5, 2017
“Hi Ajesh,
Thank you for your feedback. Indeed if you are using a card outside Europe the card provider will charge you with 2.6% of the amount you are sending, this information is to be found on our online platform. Also, whilst keying the transaction the transaction, once you select the payment method you are notified about the charges.
Should you require further clarification, please do not hesitate to contact us and our friendly customer service team who will be more than happy to assist you!
Kind regards,

No going back to the bank!
This process was easy and fast - I'd only.been using my bank until now and now that I've found Xendpay I'm never going to give my bank the satisfaction of.charging me ludicrous fees again! Xendpay was faster, super simple and FREE. I got updates by email on my transaction and the whole process took 3 days from start to end. No going back!
” – Jemma on Monday, December 4, 2017


4. Can I trust Xendpay?
The emotional analysis showed that customer trust Xendpay. And Xendpay is an agent of foreign exchange specialist RationalFX Ltd based in Canary Wharf. RationalFX and their agents are authorised by the FCA for the provision of payment services and regulated by HM Revenue & Customs. They have transacted over $5 Billion money transfers to date and a member of SWIFT (RFXLGB2L). The regulatory body ensures that your money is safe. You can trust Xendpay.   


5. How do I send money with Xendpay?

  • Register an account with Xendpay in their website. You may use your Facebook or Gmail login.
  • Select the source currency (how much you want to pay) and the destination currency (where you want to send). And enter your recipient’s details.
  • Pay What You Want. Xendpay will recommend a fee and you may choose to pay the fee or pay a fee that you think reflects the worth of your transaction. But you need not pay a fee until you send more than £2000 with Xendpay
  • Make the payment. When third party transfers are involved Xendpay will give you a quote which will itemize the charges.
  • Money is on the way and you may check the status from your dashboard. And if you need help you could contact +44 20 7220 8158 8:30am – 5:30pm UK (Mon - Fri excluding UK Bank Holidays). Alternatively you may use the form provided in the website link - https://secure.xendpay.com/contact.


6. What are the different types of fees charged?

  • Transfer fee: Pay What You Want model applies for transactions up to £2000 per annum or equivalent in your payment currency (or up to £4000 for business clients). When the PWYW feature is available, Xendpay suggests a fee for you to pay but ultimately you choose how much. Transfer fees are then discretionary.
  • Delivery fee: Banks and other financial services deliver services for different delivery methods. Most are free but some have a small charge;
    • Bank transfer delivery: free.
    • Mobile wallet delivery requires a charge, which may vary depending on your payment amount.
  • Payment fee: Credit card companies charge a payment fee. These charges vary according to your payment method
    • Local bank transfer: free
    • Debit card : Free in Europe / 2.6% of your payment amount in all other countries
    • Credit card: 1.7% of your payment amount in Europe / 2.6% of your payment amount in all other countries
    • SOFORT: £1.50/€2.00 for any amount
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7. Why is Xendpay better than banks?
Paresh is an expert on currency trends, overseas property advice, migration and it’s affect on currency markets He also comments on a daily basis on currency markets; which is regularly quoted in national newspapers and global newswires. Paresh’s expertise and insight is recognised across various financial sectors and across international markets.

Paresh Davdra says: “Every year 9% of money transferred is swallowed up by fees and bad exchange rates and never reaches its intended destination. Xendpay is the answer to the problem, aiming to provide an ethical solution to remittance industry and placing the money where it is truly needed, with our loved ones.”


8. Where do I find alternatives to Xendpay?
www.perfectremit.com helps you compare Xendpay and other service providers. In the simple and easy to use interface, you may select the source and destination currencies to find the alternative service provider to Xendpay.


9. When is it advisable to use Xendpay?
The brand of Xendpay relies on being free, fair and fast money transfer service. About four hundred and fifty customers in their reviews in Trust pilot have mentioned time in positive connotation and have recognized them for being fast money transfer service. About one hundred customers have mentioned Xendpay to be helpful, reliable, and friendly and were happy with the fairness in the service. About three hundred and fifty customers have expressed their happiness due to lower exchange rates.

Statistically processing customer feedback using natural language processing technique highlight that Xendpay is living up to their brand value. In general, it is advisable to use them for your next money transfer.

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10. What is their origin story?
Xendpay, the world’s first PAY WHAT YOU WANT money transfer service, was launched in 2012 by friends and entrepreneurs Paresh Davdra and Rajesh Agrawal. Supported by Jimmy Wales, Founder of Wikipedia, and the Clinton Foundation, the company was launched to democratise and revolutionise the money transfer industry.

In an industry, renowned for hidden costs and marked-up rates, Xendpay’s socialising of the money markets is driven by a sole mission to reduce the cost of money transfers and bring more transparency. For this reason, Xendpay has been recognised as a “social cause” and a Clinton Global Initiative Commitment to Action.

In a mission to bring down the cost of remittances and to introduce more transparency in the field of international payments, Paresh Davdra and Rajesh Agrawal launched Xendpay as a brand extension to RationalFX; the UK’s fastest growing online FX company, launched in 2005. Xendpay operates a unique “Pay What You Want” model, where the customer can decide the fee they wish to pay. For private clients, this is up to £2000, and for business clients it is £4000 per annum, with the limit being reset annually.

International remittance has a major impact on global development, especially in the poorest rural communities. Xendpay’s pioneering model supports the worlds’ wider Sustainable Development Agenda, including the vision to eradicate global poverty by 2030, through ensuring all payment transfers are not impacted with hidden fees and commissions. As the son of migrants, Paresh values the significant financial contribution migrant workers make to their families back home and the importance of ensuring hard-earned money is sent directly into the pockets of  friends and family, who count on this finance to build a better future.

Paresh is an advocate for all things entrepreneurial and encourages those starting out to be brave and tenacious, and this is reflected in the company culture, which he describes as a ‘learning environment with a no revolving door policy’. The drive to help UK start-ups and SMEs is reflected in the latest launch from the Rational Group:  Xendpay Business. Launched at the end of 2016, Xendpay Business offers small and medium-sized businesses the first “Pay What You Want” money transfer service. Aware that start-ups have the hardest time in negotiating competitive fees with banks and where most help is required , Paresh set up Xendpay Business to empower sole traders and SMEs to continue financing themselves and developing their companies. Paresh and the team have also recently launched the Xendpay App, which is available in iOS and android. Great if you need to make payments on the go.


This is an independent review written by perfectremit.com. Review data of more than three thousand Xendpay customers were collected from Trust pilot website.  Emotional analysis was performed on the customer data using the natural language processing libraries of open source statistical analysis software R.

Company data was collected from the website and other credible sources of information. Care has been taken to ensure that right, relevant and accurate information has been used in this review. Perfectremit.com hopes that this review will help you in making the right choice for your international money transfer needs.