World Remit Review

Table of Contents

1.    What does brand World Remit mean?
2.    What are its customer ratings?
3.    How are other customers reacting to their services?
4.    Can I trust World Remit?
5.    How do I send money with World Remit?
6.    What are the different types of fees charged?
7.    Why is World Remit better than banks?
8.    Where do I find alternatives to World Remit?
9.    When is it advisable to use World Remit?  
10.  What is their origin story?


1. What does brand World Remit mean?
World Remit is a convenient, low-cost alternative to traditional money transfer companies that use high street agents and charge high fees. World remit stands for a low cost money transfer alternative performed online. They are simple to use, low cost, fast and secure.  


2. What are its customer ratings?

World Remit is rated as excellent by Trustpilot website with 96% of the reviewers rating it as great or excellent. Such a review rating is extremely difficult to achieve. Most of the customers were satisfied with their speed of delivery but some of them were frustrated because the delivery took more than the expected time.     


3. How are other customers reacting to their services?

Using the natural language processing capability of R more than forty thousand reviews written in Trustpilot website was analysed for customers’ emotions. Customers were extremely positive about World Remit. The positive feelings dominated the negative ones. Customers found World Remit to be reliable, excellent and efficient. The reviewers expressed confidence to recommend services of World Remit in their social circle. Very few of them expressed concern over the delay in delivering the money into their bank account.
You may read them in Trust pilot portal. In summary, when you send your money through World Remit, you are most likely to find them to be a reliable service provider.   

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Emotional analysis of Trust Pilot reviews recieved in the last three months

When we process the reviews given by customers in the past three months using natural language processing algorithm, we can clearly observe that the customers found them to be reliable, efficient, convenient and safe. Positive reviews outweighed the negative ones. And the reviewers found them to be excellent and were actively recommending them to other users.   

Some of the reviews in Trust Pilot are

Having used WorldRemit several times now to both receive and send monies, I recommend them. They are easy to use, good exchange rates, cheap fees, and helpful customer service.” – shweta on Saturday, September 23, 2017

This company is a hybrid of PayPal and Western Union! It is easy to use and you don't have leave home to use it. It offers options: Bank Deposit and PickUp at locations across the world. I would recommend it! Better option than PayPal for sure. And less hassles, which is what we all want. I am glad I have found this great service. :)” Henrik Nielsen on Friday, September 29, 2017

I think that Worldremit is the best quality way for sending money:
-very easy to do by the internet
-rates very clear
-fees not to expensive
-easy contact by phone 24h/24, 7 days/7
-very fast transfert to the recipient
- many informations about the transfer, steps by steps, to the sender and to the recipient
-I will use Worldremit only for all my transfer” - perlita prossor on Monday, November 6, 2017

“I was skeptical at first and very slow to switch from Western Union (also used Moneygram a couple of times), but decided to make the jump after checking out the reviews. The service is so much better!! Worldremit makes things easier and the exchange rates are better (for now at least). When sending a larger amount, the checks are reasonable and the turnaround is relatively quick. Western Union better shape up!” – Alice on Friday, November 17, 2017

As of today , november 18 2017, Worldremit is the fastest,most reliable , safest and most affordable way to transfer money to my home country.Unless anything changes, I am sold , I will never go back to any other money transfer services. Sending money to my family overseas.I used a few companies, and compare more than one points. To be honest I was a bit sceptic about worldRemit,now it's the only one I use. I send the money now and my wife gets the text instantly, she can pick it up straight away, and the fee you pay is the lowest on the market. Wit the other ones the have higher fee and usually the receiver is waiting for half a hour. So now I only use worldRemit, highly recommended.” – Joan on  Wednesday, November 22, 2017


Base of my experienced, my email got hacked with some stupid person,he/she have access to my email. So I asked the costumer service right away to change my email address before the hacker will change my password. And they replied me and they deactivated my account right away while they are fixing my problem. And the next day I can log in to my worldremit account again to another email. Thank you so much Worldremit. God bless to your service.” – Bepster on Thursday, November 23, 2017


My daughter's debit card swallowed by ATM in Thailand.World Remit enabled me to send funds within minutes.Simple transaction on their easily navigable website.” – Rfonarse on Friday, November 24, 2017


There was an error in the bank details and the money transfer did not get to the receiver, Immediately a message was sent to alert me of the error and asked me to rectify or cancel the transfer.
I rectified and a number was allotted to my request. I called the customer services with the number given and within 3 minutes the situation was saved and I got an alert to that effect.
I recomend world remit, they are very effective and trusted too.
” - Jose manuel onThursday, December 7, 2017


4. Can I trust World Remit?
World remit ensures that their website and apps are secure. They use certified technology from Norton that ensures your computer or smartphone will only communicate with World Remit once the connection to our system has been authenticated. All of the partner companies use to process payments must comply with strict security and data protection standards. Government regulators around the world license them and so you can be sure they meet the highest possible standards.     


5. How do I send money with World Remit?

  • Choose the country you want to send to
  • Choose how you want to send your money:
    • Cash pickup
    • Bank deposit
    • Mobile money
    • Airtime top-up
    • Choose how much you want to send
  • Enter your recipient’s details
  • Pay and relax


6. What are the different types of fees charged?

  • Transfer fee: The exact fee will depend on where you are sending money to and from, and by which method. The transfer fee will be shown when you are setting up the transfer. You may use the promotion code FREE on the payment page for your LIMITED time fee-free first transfer
  • Delivery fee: Banks and other financial services deliver services for different delivery methods. Most are free but some have a small charge. But this is not charged by World Remit
  • Payment fee: Credit card companies Visa and MasterCard charge fees (known as 'interchange') to process card payments. These charges vary according to your payment method. This is beyond the control of World Remit and you can check the charges with your concerned card issuer.
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7. Why is World Remit better than banks?

  • Low cost – Fees and exchange rates are shown upfront
  • Fast – money is transferred instantly
  • Simple – Easy to use
  • Trusted – Millions of transfers done to 125 countries


8. Where do I find alternatives to World Remit? helps you compare World Remit and other service providers. In the simple and easy to use interface, you may select the source and destination currencies to find the alternative service provider to World Remit.  


9. When is it advisable to use World Remit?
In general, it is advisable to use them when you are looking for a fastest and cheapest money transfer provider.  

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10. What is their origin story?
WorldRemit's founder Ismail Ahmed first saw the opportunity to improve money transfers while at university.  Studying in London, he needed to send money to family members in Africa.  Every transaction meant an epic journey across the city to an agent who charged a small fortune in fees to send modest amounts of money.
It seemed wrong to Ismail that an industry handling billions of dollars every year should deliver such poor service to its customers. Even then, he knew that change was needed.
Over the coming years, Ismail worked with a number of remittance businesses as well as international policy makers.
As an advisor to the United Nations, he helped companies comply with tough new money transfer regulations, introduced after the 9/11 terrorist attacks.
In 2010, Ismail decided that the time and technology were right to shake-up this stagnant industry and he founded WorldRemit.



This is an independent review written by Review data of more than fifteen thousand World Remit customers were collected from Trust pilot website.  Emotional analysis was performed on the customer data using the natural language processing libraries of open source statistical analysis software R. Emotional analysis is performed to provide the readers with an emotional summary of all the ten thousand reviewers. We believe that this information will enable the readers in making the right decision.  

Company data was collected from the website and other credible sources of information. Care has been taken to ensure that right, relevant and accurate information has been used in this review. hopes that this review will help you in making the right choice for your international money transfer needs.