Orbit Remit Review

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1.    What does brand Orbit Remit mean?
2.    What are its customer ratings?
3.    How are other customers reacting to their services?
4.    Can I trust Orbit Remit?
5.    How do I send money with Orbit Remit?
6.    What are the different types of fees charged?
7.    Why is Orbit Remit better than banks?
8.    Where do I find alternatives to Orbit Remit?
9.    When is it advisable to use Orbit Remit?  
10.  What is their origin story?


1. What does brand Orbit Remit mean?
Orbit Remit works hard to save your time, money and provide you peace of mind. The brand stands for fast, secure, cheap, simple and easy online money transfers. Best possible exchange rate         


2. What are its customer ratings?

Orbit remit is rated excellent in Trust pilot. From over fifteen thousand customer reviews, only two hundred of them have given a rating of poor or bad service. This is a stellar performance rating and it means that the chances of you having a great experience are almost certain.     


3. How are other customers reacting to their services?

Using the natural language processing capability of R more than forty thousand reviews written in Trustpilot website was analysed for customers’ emotions. Customers were extremely positive about Orbit Remit. The positive feelings dominated the negative ones. Reliable and recommend were the two words that has appeared in more than one thousand five hundred customer reviews and it signals trust in Orbit Remit. More than five hundred customers wrote that Orbit Remit is helpful, safe, and excellent. Customers also mentioned that they were happy and loved Orbit Remit.
You may read them in Trust pilot portal. In summary, when you send your money through Orbit Remit, you are most likely to be satisfied and happy.   

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Emotional analysis of Trust Pilot reviews recieved in the last three months

When we process the reviews given by customers in the past three months using natural language processing algorithm, we can clearly observe that the customers found them to be excellent service provider and were willing to recommend their services. The positive reviews outweigh the negative ones. The reviewers were happy and satisfied with Orbit Remit and found them to be efficient, helpful, convenient and safe.

Some of the reviews in Trust Pilot are

I was bit scared of using app to send money and big amount. My friend recommended me Orbit. When I compared price with Orbit and previous company I was using, the difference was unbelievable. So I thought of trying Orbit. It was easy to enter details and all process is step-by-step. I did payment on Saturday and money was is in right account on Monday. Really happy and now i recommended to two of my friends.” – Hermawan on Wednesday, September 27, 2017

OrbitRemit Review
- Fast turnaround time
- Easy to follow instructions
- Competitive Rates
- Just got a bit confused with the account number as my bank was expecting 3 digits at the end, whereas their account has only 2.
” AD on Wednesday, October 4, 2017

I heard about OrbitRemit from a friend. I made a transfer late Thursday night thinking my remittance will reach home Monday at the earliest. Imagine my suprise when I received an email saying the funds I sent already reached the destination account an hour past lunch! Mind, you the entire process was done wih checks and other safety stops and I received notifications every step of the way. Quick, safe, easy and cheap! PS: their forex rates are really good better than any bank or even grey market money changers.” Kharga on Sunday, October 15, 2017


At first I was very anxious since it was my first time to use Orbit Remit and I needed the money to be transferred the next day but I thought that my transaction will take at least 2 days since it was the first transaction but nope, they transferred the money on the same day I used their service. In comparison also with other remittance service, they have the higher rate and also lowest transaction fee and your money will be transferred on the same day based on my experience.
First impression lasts!
It was my first time to experience transferring funds to the Philippines and Orbitremit delivered! With its high exchange rates, I will definitely avail of the organisation's services in my future transactions. Kudos to the team!
” - Chamila on Wednesday, October 25, 2017


I am pleased that I have once again used this service. I don't need to get out of my office to send money to the Philippines. Though the transfer is not instantaneous, I just need to make a plan on when to send so that it will arrive on time to where I want the money to go.” – Emmae on Wednesday, November 29, 2017


This is my 20th time in using OrbitRemit. There was never a moment they have broken my trust. I entrusted them my money and in return, the turn around is so quick and reliable - no matter how small or big the amount. OrbitRemit can be TRUSTED. I sent the money in the morning, the money arrived to my destination bank in the afternoon. This is magical. Thank you so much Orbit Remit, I appreciate your business.” - Liza Jane on Tuesday, November 28, 2017


4. Can I trust Orbit Remit?
Orbit Remit is regulated in all the markets they operate in. They are registered with Her Majesty's Revenue & Customs (HMRC) as a Money Service Business (registration number 12480317) and the Financial Services Authority (FSA) as a Payment Institution (registration number 506548). Also Orbit Remit is registered with the Financial Markets Authority (FMA) as a Financial Services Provider (registration number FSP7721). All transactions are protected by industry standard HTTPS encryption. They use trusted bank accounts and banking partners worldwide for transferring money. Orbit Remit keeps customer funds separately from the operational accounts.   


5. How do I send money with Orbit Remit?

  • Create your transfer – Sign up with Orbit Remit and tell them how much money to be transferred and who is the intended recipient
  • Pay for your transfer – Transfer funds into Orbit Remit bank account
  • Payment made to recipient – Once the money is deposited into the account, Orbit Remit performs the currency exchange and transfers funds to the recipient   


6. What are the different types of fees charged?

  • Transfer fee: A fixed flat fee is charged for every transfer made. With the fixed fees, you benefit from a flat fee no matter how much you send. You may check the charges in https://www.orbitremit.com/pricing
  • Delivery fee: Banks and other financial services deliver services for different delivery methods. Most are free but some have a small charge. But this is not charged by Orbit Remit
  • Payment fee: Credit card companies Visa and MasterCard charge fees (known as 'interchange') to process card payments. These charges vary according to your payment method. Orbit Remit does not charge any fee.
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7. Why is Orbit Remit better than banks?
Orbit Remit is significantly cheaper than the banks whether you are sending $100 or $5000 (or $50,000+). An independent price comparison service calculated that on a $1200 transfer from Australia to New Zealand or the United Kingdom with OrbitRemit, the beneficiary would receive close to an extra AUD$80 when compared with sending through a major high street bank. It is because the banks are burdened with huge rental and marketing costs. As a purely online business, Orbit Remit is able to operate with a much lower cost structure and pass these savings on to our customers in the form of more competitive rates and lower fees.


8. Where do I find alternatives to Orbit Remit?
www.perfectremit.com helps you compare Orbit Remit and other service providers. In the simple and easy to use interface, you may select the source and destination currencies to find the alternative service provider to Orbit Remit.  


9. When is it advisable to use Orbit Remit?
Customers have written in Trust pilot that Orbit Remit is reliable, helpful, convenient and cheap. From the reviews, it is evident that Orbit Remit satisfies its customers and provides peace of mind. And the charges are much lesser than the banks and competitive among other money transfer providers.          
In general, it is advisable to use them when you are looking for the cheapest money transfer provider who is also customer friendly and provide you peace of mind.  

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10. What is their origin story?
OrbitRemit was founded in 2008 by Robbie Sampson, David Platt, Tommy Heptinstall, and Paul Robinson. They identified early on the need for a seamless cross border online money transfer service that would be cheaper, faster and more reliable than the large financial institutions.    



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This is an independent review written by perfectremit.com. Review data of more than fifteen thousand Orbit Remit customers were collected from Trust pilot website.  Emotional analysis was performed on the customer data using the natural language processing libraries of open source statistical analysis software R. Emotional analysis is performed to provide the readers with an emotional summary of all the forty thousand reviewers. We believe that this information will enable the readers in making the right decision.  
Company data was collected from the website and other credible sources of information. Care has been taken to ensure that right, relevant and accurate information has been used in this review. Perfectremit.com hopes that this review will help you in making the right choice for your international money transfer needs.