www.perfectremit.com is an upcoming currencies comparison startup started by IIT-M, IIM-C alumnus S. Kumar with the vision to make the international money transfer market efficient and thereby bring in a grass root level social impact. On an average, Indians pay approximately four billion dollars as money transfer commissions and everyone wants to pay less. While there are multiple answers to this problem, we have selected the solution as listing all the transfer providers in a single screen, which enables visibility into the amount of money that once can receive. The intention of Perfectremit is to make international money transfers free of charge by helping you get offers that are worth more than fee you pay to transfer money. Fees for cross border currency transfers are inevitable because of legalities involved by various countries, taxes and so. on. But the fees can be reimbursed by spending the money transferred in a smart way (availing discounts and offers). That is where the coupons part of Perfectremit becomes relevant. Therefore, our mission is not only to help you find the best rates, best service provider possible but also to provide you the relevant offers that would enable you to buy for less. We intend to provide you with shopping coupons of your favourite brands so that you get a value of more than the money that you paid as transfer charges - thereby making your transfers virtually free. And we would publish articles that would help one decide the best way to transfer money. We make money through affiliate commissions. Now, we are an affiliate of TransferWise, Xendpay, Azimo, Currencies Direct, Orbit Remit, and World Remit. We are growing and we intend to integrate as many players as the market has. Please do use our services and be benefitted. We are a listing platform and all our services are free of charge to our users. Please support us by spreading the word to your friends and family. Thank you very much indeed!